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Home Electricity or Energy Meters Prepaid / Prepayment Meters DDSY999: Prepayment Single Phase Meter

DTSY999: Prepayment Three Phase Energy Meter

Three Phase Prepayment Energy Meter Type DTSY999

Three phase Prepaid energy meter type DTSY999 is a new generation Smart Meter or Intelligent Meter. This meter is a combination of advanced integrated solid technology and SMT crafts. The performance accords with international standard IEC 61036-2000.

Functions and Features

  • Advanced Technology
  • Simple construction
  • High accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Long service life
  • High allowable overload
  • Detection of Power Theft
  • Alarming or remainder
  • Storing data over 20 years
  • Tamper proof

Energy Meter type DTSY999

Main Functions

  • Pre-Alarming: When the remaining credits are less than the alarming limit than the meter will cut off the power. After inserting the empty Transponder or Tag, the meter will open again and give the user a pre-determined. When also these credits are consumed, the meter will shut down the power and re-open after a new credits has been put on the Transponder or Tag.
  • Load-Control: When the load is beyond the setting value than the meter will cut off the power and remind the user. After inserting the Transponder or Tag, the meter will re-open.
  • Self Diagnostics: The meter has a built-in program for failure diagnosis.

Energy Meter type DTSY999

Technical Specification

  • Rated voltage: 3 X 380-415 VAC
  • Basic current: 3 X 5 (20) A, 3 X 5 (30) A, 3 X 10 (40) A, 3 X 10 (60) A, 3 X20 (80) A
  • Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Starting current: 0.004% Ib
  • Creeping: 110% of rated voltage without current
  • Display: Register / LCD
  • Connection: Direct or through Connection Terminal
  • Accuracy: class 1.0