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Cash Flow Management System CFM32

TagMeter Systems is aware that a proper Prepayment or Prepaid system consist of two components:

  • Prepayment or Prepaid Meters (Hardware)
  • Software Management System (Software)

Many times the Software Management System is forgotten.In our opinion the Software System is essential.

We have spend over 50 man-year in developing a true cash flow generating software system CFM32, which is capable of managing meters, customers and Tags or Transponders.

Because the meters write data back onto the Tag, the management system is able to read in this information and statistics and reports can be generated.

We know that every customer like water board or municipality has its own wish-list. Therefore we made our system flexible. We are able and willing to adapt our system and add tailor made or custom designed items and/or procedures.
Connection with other systems is not a problem.

New in CFM32 Revision 3.21b (February 2011) is the Zoning module.

Purpose of the Zoning Module is that a specific transponder can be used only for a specific meter or for a range of specific meters which have been defined in a so-called Zone.

The following relations between Transponder Tag and Meter are possible:

  • one-to-one relationship; Each meter has been parameterized as a specific zone. Each Transponder Tag also has been defined as a UserTag of a specific zone. The meter will operate only if the same zone in both Meter and Transponder Tag match.
  • one-to-many relationship; Several meters have been assigned as a zone. Only one specific Transponder tag has been defined as a specific zone. The meters defined in the zone can be operated with the same Transponder Tag
  • many-to-one relationship; A specific meter has been defined as a unique zone. Several Transponder Tags have been defines as a UserTag of that specific zone. The meter will operate only if the same zone in both Meter and Transponder Tag match. Example: a family has one meter and 4 UserTags. Each of those UserTags have been defined as a Zone 01 UserTag. The meter also has been defined as a Zone 01 meter and unique: only one meter has zone 01. Now all 4 family members can use the UserTag to operate the meter, providing the meter is not locked by a specific family member, but not the meter of the neighbours.
  • many-to-many relationship; Several meters have been assigned and parameterized as a zone. Several UserTags have been assigned as UserTags to be used in a specific zone. Now all those UserTags can operate all meters defined in that specific zone, providing the meter has not been locked by a UserTag. It is not possible that User 01 inserts the UserTag, valve in the meter opens and is locked for User 01. If User 02 inserts the UserTag than the meter will not operate this Transponder unless the credits in the meter are empty.

Further implemented are Individual Emergency Credits and Individual Low Credits alarm.

Cashflow  Management System CFM32

Our Cash Flow Management System CFM32, is easy to operate. You do not need to be a computer expert at all. Menus and Menu Options all have an authorization level you can define your self.

Standard is that our software is true multi-use: an unlimited number of persons can execute the program and access the data.

Several databases are available, all combined in a very user-friendly Graphical User Interface. Some standard databases:

  • Customer Database
  • Meter Database
  • Tariff Database
  • Operator Database
  • Transaction Database
  • SMS Database to store both received and messages send

Cashflow   Management System: Databases

A SMS gateway module is build into our system. using this module you can operate our AMR-AMM meters:

  • Ask for Meter Readings of a specific meter. Not only the Total counter but also the status and credits or balance of the meter are send
  • Tell a meter to send its data package every time interval. This period can be between 5 minutes and once a year
  • Send a "Open Valve" command to a meter. The meter forces the valve into open state and blocks the meter for interaction with the RFID Tag of the customer (UserTag)
  • Send a "Close Valve" command to a meter. The meter forces the valve into closed state and blocks the meter for interaction with the RFID Tag of the customer (UserTag)
  • The AMR/AMM Meter sends automatic datapackages to the Gateway Module when it gets into Tamper mode; the valve of the meter closes and a SMS message is send to the Gateway because one of the following reasons:
  • Meter is opened
  • Controller electronics are opened or removed from the wall
  • A strong magnetic field around the meter is detected
  • Cable between meter and controller is broken
  • If our RF Communication module (2.4 GHz.) between Meter and Electronics is used and there has been no communication between Meter and Controller Electronics, than this will be shown on the screen.

SMS   Gateway

Historical  Trending

Historical or statistical trends of data received from meters or received by reading UserTags can be produced and saved as images or exported to external systems.

Historical   Trending

Reports in  Cashflow Management System

A Cashier module or Debt Repayment Module is implemented. In this way, a cashier does not need to know how to fill in databases. Only the relevant information is provided when selling water and paying for charges. Also arrear payments are handled by our CFM32 Management System.
Cashier Module or Vendor Module

Without having said everything about our Management System CFM32, our system probably is the most flexible and user friendly system; easy to operate, easy to manage and moreover we are willing and able to implement tailor-made or customer defined procedures in both our meters and the Management System CFM32.

Use our contact form if you request more information about our proven prepayment solution using both our meters and our Management System CFM32.