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TagMeter LimeBreakerTM Aquadescaler

The descaling LimeBreaker and disinfecting ChlorineGenerator are electronic devices in the product range of TagMeter Systems.

TagMeter LimeBreaker

The Aquadescaler by the name of LimeBreaker and disinfecting ChlorineGenerator are electronic devices in the product range of TagMeter Systems.

Water treatment LimeBreaker and ChlorineGenerator


Scaling is a real problem in water equipment, forming a coatin g as layers of mine ral deposits under influences of hard water, high temperature and evaporations. Scale blocks tubes, pipes, nozzles and decreases performance of heat exchangers dramatically. The TagMeter® Aquadescaler LimeBreakerTM can rem ove existi ng scale and prev ents creation of new scale.


Scale is a safe habitat for legionella bacteria, a danger for health. After removing the protecting scale, the bacteria can be killed easily with free chlorine. The TagMeter® ChlorineGenerator produces the chlorine by means of hydrolysing the water.

Applications for TagMeter LimeBreaker Aquadescaler

Boilers Hospitals
Coffee and Tea machines Hotels
Cooling Towers Restaurants and Bars
Dish Washers Oil Industry
Distillers and Desalination Equipment
Paperpulp mills
Evapurative Coolers Poultry Farms
Filtration Equipment Processing Equipment
Heat exchangers Residentials
Swimming Pools
Compressors Hot Tubs


Characteristics LimeBreakerTM Aquadescaler

  • Based on amplitude modulation (AM) of a frequency modulated (FM) electromagnetic field
  • Existing scales are removed from pipes, tubes and nozzles
  • Building up new scale will be prevented or minimized
  • Extends lifetime of water heating and cooling equipment
  • Saves energy in water heating and cooling equipment
  • No chemicals are use which protects the environment
  • Very fast and easy to install
  • No maintenance after installation

Characteristics ChlorineGenerator

  • Based on electrical hydrolysis of water
  • Generates free chlorine in concentration of 0 - 6 ppm
  • Can be used in tanks or running water systems
  • Different configurations for both domestic and industrial usage

TagMeter LimeBreakerTM Aquadescaler Models

  • Pre-programmed version: easy to use, for domestic or residential usage
  • Programmable, able to match the particular situation and requirements of industrial applications.

Controls and Indicators

The pre-programmed version has two LED indicators. One is for the indication of the power supply and the other one is an indicator showing proper connection of the coil(s) and proper operation of the LimeBreakerTM unit.The programmable version is equiped with a LCD display and 2 buttons to change the parameters of the configuration.

Proper settings and configuration depend on the following:

  • Dimensions of the coil(s)
  • Required electromagnetic energy, dependant on flow rate and flux




Technical Specifications

Power Supply
95 - 240VAC / 50-60 Hz, max. 40A
Output power supply 4.3 A continious / 12 A peak
Output signal coil(s) AM/FM square wave/triangle
Output currency 24A peak-peak maximimum
Frequency sweep 2 KHz - 200 kHz


Sweeptime 200 msec - 10 seconds

Duty cycle for power adjustment

0 - 100%
Operating ambient temperature 0 - 60 °C
Relative humidity 90% maximum
Protection class IP54