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Industrial Meters or Bulk Meters with AMR/AMM

Industrial Meters or Bulk Meters

We can offer you a solution for Industrial Metering or Bulk Metering.

These kind of meters have a throughput of water and for the really big meters we make use of motorized, pneumatic or hydraulic valves.

Sizes of meters vary up to Qn 100 (100 m per hour nominal and 200 m per hour maximum)
In general supply power for the electronics is not an issue for the industrial meters. We use exactly the same electronics as we use for our Intelligent Smart Meters.

Industrial Meter or Bulk Meter

Industrial Meter or Bulk MeterIndustrial Meter or Bulk Meter

What changes in the electronics are some parameters, telling the equipment attached is a bulk meter and calibration parameters. We can use any flow meter with a pulse output.
When you need a water connection, not for the citizens but for market places, fire brigade, cars sweeping the street and you want to "hide" the water connection, than you might consider our below surface water provision solution.

Below Surface Water Dispensor

Th e b o x is made entirely from stainless steel and the lid can withstand heavy loads in the situation trucks are driving over the box.

Because the box is built into the street deep, there is no danger for freezing water. Only the persons having our Transp onder, have access to water.

Below Surface Water DispensorBelow Surface Water DispensorBelow Surface Water Dispensor

Below Surface Water Dispensor

If wanted these water access points can be equipped with our battery operated AMR/AMM module.
Also our small hydro power generator can be placed to enlarge the lifetime of the battery life pack because this generator has enough capacity to let the system run without need of a battery pack.