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Split Metering: Meter outside and Electronics inside your house

TagMeter Split Metering System with AMR / AMM

The split metering concept is used where meters can not be placed inside house or basement and where the electronics need to be placed inside the house.

We developed therefor this Split Metering concept and can be used with any type of meter.
Mostly the Split Metering concept is used in conjunction with our Intelligent Meters.

The electronics with the AMM/AMR Module is built inside a box and mounted against a wall inside a house.

Split Meter: Meter and Electronics are seperated

In both the meter and the electronics box sensors are placed to detect the following:

  • Cutting or removing cable
  • Applying electro magnetic fields
  • Opening of the meter
  • Opening of the electronics box
  • Removal of the box from the wall
  • Valve position detection (open or closed)
  • Out of Credits
  • Optional bypass detection
Split  Meter: Electronics are placed against the wall inside your house

Split   Meter: Meter placed in a water tight box under the ground

The electronics are default mains operated but a battery pack is also built in.

In case of a power failure, automatically the battery pack will take over without losing any information. When communicating with the Gateway the status of the power supply is also send.

Inside the electronics box our special GSM/GPRS module is built in. With this module you can retrieve meter data but you can also control the meter with our Managementsoftware CFM32 or from a website.

Split Metering: Electronics are mounted against the wall

The benefit using our split metering concept is that you actually can control meters.

We call this concept AMM or Automatic Meter Management. The following is possible with our AMR/AMM concept:

  • Open valve of the mete
  • Close the valve of the meter
  • Upgrade the credits of the meter
  • Request for meter readings on demand
  • Put the meter in a special mode (ServiceMode) so UserTags are blocked. UserTags are the contact less RFID Transponders we use as a data carrier and handed out at the customers.
  • Put the meter back again in normal operation mode (UserMode)
  • The meter sends data automatically to a Gateway in the following situations:
  • The customer has used all his/her credits
  • The cable between the meter and the electronics is removed or cut. In this situation the valve is closed automatically and the meter is put into Tamper or Sabotage mode. Only special ServiceTags can get the meter out of this mode. ServiceTags are contact less RFID Transponders we use as data carrier and handed out at the maintenance personel of the municipality or water board. ServiceTags puts the meter into a special ServiceMode so you can check the operation of the meter. At the same time the meter is blocked for UserTags.
  • The electronics are removed from the wall. The valve of the meter is closed automatically and the meter is put into Tamper or Sabotage Mode.
  • An electromagnetic field is applied at the meter or electronics. The electronics think this is an attempt to influence meter readings. The meter is put into Tamper or Sabotage Mode.

Split Meter Electronics with Mains Supply and Battery Backup

Split meter electronics with mains supply and battery backup