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Ultrasonic Water Meters

NEW: TagMeter Ultrasonic Water Meters

If you want a really reliable meter which does not measure air, has no moving parts and not sensitive for grid and/or other particles than you need our new and affordable ultrasonic water meter.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meter

  • Does not measure air and grid and can not block unlike volumetric, piston and/or turbine meters;
  • IP68 sealed;
  • No moving parts at all;
  • OIML R049;
  • Batterylife: 10 years minimum
  • Both Water and Ambient Temperature maximum 85 C;
  • DN15 (Q3=2.5m/h), DN20(Q3=4.0m/h), DN25(Q3=6.3m/h), DN40(Q3=16.0m/h) and DN50(Q3=25m/h);
  • Headloss extremely low;
  • Principle used: Ultrasonic Transit Time with 1000 samples per second;
  • Affordable pricing!


  • Prepaid Conversion set including self-cleaning valve, TagMeter Prepaid Electronics unit and TagMeter RF-ID Transponders for Customers (UserTags) and Service (ServiceTags);
  • Inductive Pad;
  • Remote display and Remote Controller (RF-Based);
  • AMR/AMM (Automatic Meter Reading and Automatic Meter Management).

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